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Life Skill  

Appropriate and congenial environment for developing Life skills is being provided as it is the most significant and positive input to the holistic development  and  emotional intelligence of the learners. Following activities are being conducted for the development of Life-Skills.

  • Class discussions

  • Brainstorming

  • Demonstration and guided practice

  • Role plays

  • Audio and visual activities, e.g., arts, music, theatre, dance

  • Educational games and simulations

  • Story telling

  • Debates

  • Decision mapping or problem trees

Our school has pioneered a team of 6 peer educators for the promotion of life skills. They lead the team of 30 selected children. These peer educators of our school have been attending the seminars conducted by Expressions India in which the following points were discussed:

Substance Abuse

Family Bonding

Developing Positive Temperament

Different Approaches Towards Good Health

Inculcating Moral Values

Regular sessions are held in order to make students aware of different life skills. Many activities are being introduced in the curriculum which brings out the creative thinking skills of the students. We even present skills in school assembly on topics such as:


  1. I am the citizen of tomorrow

  2. Time management

  3. Teenage aggression

  4. Value system in family

  5. Peer pressure

  6. Stress management

  7. Respect for elders

  8. Environment conscious citizen

  9. Discipline is the key to success

  10. Empathy for under privileged

  11. Courtesy politeness and kindness are the hallmarks of personality.

During the activity period and whenever our peer educators get free time, they perform the skits in each of the classes to spread the message among all the students. This helps in creating.

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