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Introduction to IDS  

A Glimpse of IDS Program

For the 21st century classroom, opportunities creating diverse learning experiences is imperative. We are living in a world wherein political boundaries no more restrict the career aspirations. Therefore, the classrooms require an international dimension. Different curricular and co-curricular activities in the school education program aimed at widening the teaching learning perspectives and preparing the learners for better adaptability in pluralistic societies of today.

The British Council International Dimension in Schools (IDS) is a bench mark scheme that accredits schools as having an outstanding level of support for nurturing global citizenship in young people and enriching teaching and learning. The school designed an Action Plan for the IDS Program in school with seven projects. The activities were carried out as part of Holidays Homework and other classroom activities. The students connectedcollaboratively through the virtual mode for carrying out different projects. As part of collaborative projects, we could partner with a school in Bangladesh.

The underlying objective for all the seven projects was to make students have a better understanding of the SDG’s declared by The United Nations and become the ambassadors for change. Having an insight into these through co-curricular activities, the students could develop independent perspective on international concerns. Environmental issues, inclusive education, sustainable cities and improving quality of life worldwide are some of the themes that formed the backbone of the programme.

The seven projects in brief:


PROJECT 1(A heart to fill the tummy) –The students in the primary wing researched and presented their views onthe food loss and waste reduction to achieve zero hunger.They participated in an e-conference, designed flyers and posters. The successful culmination of the assigned tasks gave them an insight into the fact that food wastage was the primary cause of hunger.

PROJECT 2(A route to healthy lifestyle)- The tiny tots in the nursery wing enthusiastically shared their perspective on healthy lifestyle with a vision that fitness isn’t a country specific concern but a worldwide one. They learned various fitness exercises followed in India, Japan, Spain and Iceland. Yoga(India), Radio Taiso (Japan),Rhythmic Gymnastics (Spain) and Cycling (Iceland) struck a chord with the young fitness enthusiasts.

PROJECT 3 (Education for all) The students in the senior school (Class IX and XI) read and researched aboutinclusive education and the challenges that are faced by different nations across the world to make inclusive education a reality. A comparative study of the strategies being followed in the countries of study enhanced students’ knowledge of inclusive education.  They designed  e-posters, generated  literacy profile and  composed friendship jingle. The message of education being the most powerful weapon to change the world was reiterated throughout.

PROJECT 4(Friendship has no boundaries)- The students in the kindergarten enthusiastically participated in the activities to learn about the culture of the listed nations and  developed  a global perspective by learning to appreciate and respect each other’s culture and traditions. Theydressed up in traditional attires of the countries of study and sang national anthems.


PROJECT 5 (Plastic is not fantastic)- Classes VII and VIII studied the problem of plastic pollution and focused on individual’s contributions to the problem as well as and an individual’s potential to curb the problem. They studied the strategies being followed worldwide. The students preparedan e- scrap book of items that can replace plastic items, did a comparative study of how household and industries contribute to plastic pollution, designed flyers and prepared power point presentations.The students had an insight into the repercussions of using and discarding plastic.

PROJECT6 (A healthy platter for healthy life)- The young learners of Class VI dwelled upon intake of nutritional and balanced diet as a prerequisite for leading a  healthy life. The students prepared pie charts depicting the calorific value of the meals they consumed, designed recipe books comprising of healthy recipes.

PROJECT 7 (Grooming Road safety sentinels)- The students of Class IX and XI  studied road safety and the impact of road trauma on human life in the countries of study. The students designed a traffic park, filled questionnaire on following the safety rules and composed a jingle to promote road safety rules.The students became aware of the fact that road traffic injuries remain an important public health issue and when road safety protocols are followed correctly, they help the society function in the most civilized way.

In the collaborative activities 5, 6 and 7, the partner school from Bangladesh shared similar information pertaining to their countries through activity sheets and posters.

The international exposure helped the students in developing their capacities as collaborative learners responsible citizens and effective contributors.

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