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Child centered approach has been made possible through various clubs:


British Council, India has accredited the school with International School Activities Award 2013-16 recognizing the efforts made to integrate global learning with school curriculum. All year long, a plethora of activities were organized to develop understanding and appreciation of cultures of other countries while promoting an understanding of their own culture. 

This year again, our school applied for IDS accrediation. Under this project multifarious activities were organised. Kindly refer to the below mentioned link to view the same :-  

IDS Activities Link  


As said by Antonio Gueterres, United Nations Secretary General “We want the world our children inherit to be defined by the values enshrined in the U.N. Charter: peace, justice, respect, human rights, tolerance and solidarity.”

Model United Nations is a simulation of United Nations where delegates get an opportunity to discuss various International issues urging for immediate attention and seek best possible solution.

It offers students a platform to broaden their horizon of learning, bring out and enhance their latent skills such as, leadership, diplomacy, communication, confidence and public speaking. Motivating the students through such events to research independently and think critically on global issues significantly contributes to their holistic development thus empowering them to face the challenges of life.

We have been organising Inter – School Shaheed Rajpal DAV Model United Nations Conference (SRDAVMUN) since 2019. It is a humble and sincere effort to work incessantly towards the challenge of molding a new generation of students into holistic personalities equipped with the life skills and values necessary to take up challenges of the future.

This year we organized Junior MUN in which students of classes 5 & 6 took part enthusiastically. The novice initiative was a successful venture.


The computer club of S.R.D.A.V has been hosting the annual WARTEX event since 2015. Every year, we have overall 1000+ participants across 50 different schools. We had commenced this journey with the first edition in 2015, Wartex #1.0 which comprised of 12 events and  350+ participants. Since then we have had our participation expanded to 850+ participants from 55+ schools in WARTEX #5.0 in 2019. Even in the lockdown period,  we have managed to keep the zeal and the zest of the technocrats alive. Wartex #6.0 is the sixth edition of Wartex, with various competitions like Raise-A-Rap(Rap Making), Design Equipix (Designing Competition), CyptixHunt (Virtual Treasure Hunt), and Many More.


Astronomy Club - To inculcate scientific temperament among students, the school has started Astronomy Club in collaboration with Antriksh Education Pvt.Ltd. Two modules are conducted wherein the students study celestial objects like galaxies, planets, moon, asteroids and appearance of comets. These activities are spread over a period of one year. As a part of On Site Learning students are taken for the night sky observation at Sariska to observe moon, Jupiter and other celestial objects. Astrophotography is an interesting activity for students as they take specialized photographs for recording images of astronomical objects invisible to the human eyes such as dim stars, Nebulae and galaxies. The club integrates work and study encouraging inquisitiveness, experimentation, analysis and team work.  



ATL LAB       

To ignite the spark of creativity and foster inventiveness the school has introducedAtal Tinkering Lab. It aims at imparting empirical and integrative hands on learning activities initiating the understanding of - STEM. The lab contains educational kits and appurtenances on – science, electronics, robotics, open source microcontroller boards, sensors and 3 D printers and computers. Numerous activities like Use of e- series brain to build prototypes using motors and sensors, Ardiuno Programming, 3D Printing are conducted on routine basis. Training sessions on IOT, Building prototypes and app making, Basics of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Up- Vento to name a few have been organized periodically. Eminent events like ATL Summer Tinker Fest, ATL Foundation Day, Dr. Ambedkar ATL Community Day , 87 th Birth Anniversary Celebration of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam have been celebrated until now to celebrate innovation.The Community students from Amar Jyoti and Sahyog are even trained often as a part of Community outreach programme.


Since 2012 the school has been actively engaged in promoting Road Safety Awareness among students, parents and the community. Since the year 2013-14, the school participated in Your Ideas, Your Initiatives, International Challenge on Road Safety and Sustainable Mobility organized by PAU education and Renault for spreading awareness about Road Safety. For successful execution of the project the school has been declared Winner in 2012 and 3 times places amongst top 7 positions till 2020. The teacher as a volunteer of road Safety Awareness Drive gave a message on total TV. In the capacity of Project Coordinator, I along with a team of students and teachers identified the key issues which impact the safe mobility of students at the time of school dispersal. As member of Delhi Traffic Police club our endeavour was guided and supported by Delhi Traffic police.

More than 50,000 people have been sensitized in this 10 year long project.

School is a partner to “Steer to Safety Programme – Champions for Change” – A Road Safety education extension initiative along with ROSES (Road Safety and Emergency Services). To groom students by making them aware of their responsibilities towards making roads safe through awareness campaigns, activities like films, theatre, workshop,performing street plays, emergency care inputs and interactive sessions for students with the resource person Quiz on Traffic Awareness on Road Signs, Poster Making and Slogan Writing etc are also organized. Time to time workshops for drivers are arranged to educate them to be a responsible Road users at the Institute for Road Traffic Education, Sector-43, Faridabad. 


To enhance the joy of reading in children and love of books Katha Club has been introduced in the school. Students write their own stories using their imagination and creativity. This initiative aims at developing reading habit among children. Students are encouraged to share their views through CBSE conducted expression series like story writing, enactment plays, essay writing activities.









Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a National Level Campaign launched by the Prime Minister on October 2, 2014. It is a mass movement which seeks to make cleanliness a habit and a responsibility of each and every citizen of the country and in the process transform the country into a healthy disease free “Swachh Bharat”. Spreading Cleanliness Awareness among the community to strengthen the cleanliness drive in the nearby localities. Motivating others to fallen on suit is the areas of focus.


Iken Scientifica is an experimental multi – disciplinary lab which provides opportunity for hands on activity. To ignite the child’s inquisitiveness, it is geared to stimulate the curiosity of students. It provides a platform to the students to establish a connection between curricular knowledge and practical applications and experiments with what they have been taught. Utilizing their abstract scientific thoughts and everyday experience, students make various working models at the Design & technology lab set up at the school. Students are provided with parts and problem statements. The parts are like basic building structures which are given shape and functionality with the help of student’s imagination and creativity thus fostering experimental learning and better understanding of the theoretical concepts. This facilitates applying scientific concepts in real life.

Students gain confidence as they inculcate an aptitude for lateral thinking. They accept the challenge of the competitive world by performing experiments and shaping their imagination. Students are able to bring certain playfulness within the learning framework. They are able to develop the ability to deal with unconventional situation. This has sparked the interest of students in learning science as a subject.


To bring out the technological creativity of the students, robotics club has been set up. Students are given extensive training and hands on experience with boy-bots.












Green Gold Club plays a very important role in preserving the green environment in and around the school. Numerous activities are organized to create awareness about environmental degradation and steps to prevent the same. Our school inaugurated its Rain Water Harvesting Plant on January 11, 2010. (Link) School inaugurated its Rain water Harvesting Plant on January 11, 2010. It was an endeavor undertaken in association with Coca Cola India Ltd., Moon Beverages (a sister concern of Coca Cola India Ltd.) and the Advisory Council for Environment and Sustainability (ACES).








To add a new dimension to teaching and learning of science the Einsteins Play House. It is an experimental multi – disciplinary design and technology lab. (D&T Lab). Here students learn science by testing out scientific theories in a practical space with experiments, problem solving and project based activities being the crux of learning.  To augment the initiatives of the Einstein Play House, Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) club and 3- D printing club have been set up.


3D printing club is a hands on experience with a revolutionising technology.

This club provides students practical hands on experience to use 3D printer to produce different objects and shapes. It is one of the fastest developing manufacturing processes encompassing a wide array of disciplines from manufacturing.

3D printing is widely used technology in schools in America and Europe.

SRDAV also strives to make this world changing technology an integral part of our education system.




Multimedia club has been introduced to inculcate software development, programming and app designing skills in the students. 









Concept of 3D Geometry, 3D Computer Modeling , 3D Scanning, 3D Printing  process, practical 3D printing sessions.

In SRDAV, Mass Education has launched an initiative to promote 3D printing technology.

Every session and workshop is designed to help students grasp the complexity of technology.

Every student gets an opportunity to work with 3D printer and print object for themselves.


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) is the latest trend in a frontline area of education around the world. It involves hands on method of teaching and learning with an integrated approach to different subjects from natural and physical sciences to engineering and astronomy from medical sciences and computer science to mathematics and more..

At our STEM Club students apply their creative mind, attempt to find “ out of the box” solutions to the problems and virtually play the role of innovator, discover and truth seeker.

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