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The voyage of life is turbulent and the journey from the threshold of school to the ‘real’ world might not promise a smooth sail. The innumerable onerous challenges and misleading temptations can plausibly rock the very moral code and conscience of our children.

The ongoing pandemic has changed the very dynamics of education. Keeping in view the dire need of a complete pedagogical metamorphosis, we reinvented our instructional strategies and successfully established virtual classrooms right from the first lockdown.
The unprecedented circumstances and the subsequent shift to online modes and means of learning for students in the past year and half has not only propelled extended exposure to inessential and often inappropriate information but it has also led to some unethical practices during both oral and written assessment. In wake of such jeopardized academic integrity and moral decadence, strengthening students’ moral fiber is the need of the hour.
Professional skills and education are the hallmarks of professional journey in one’s life but it is the virtues and value system that adds strength to one’s character to lead one’s journey towards self.Thus,it’s imperative that we equip them with the required values and life skills to brave the odds of life without compromising on their morals.
At our esteemed institution, we render unmatched sincerity and unparalleled dedication in the pursuit of inculcating desired values in the students. Our teaching faculty and staff has been working relentlessly to ensure quality learning. I verily appreciate their unflinching endeavour in the interest of students and repose my profound confidence that they shan’t leave any stone unturned in rubbing their dust, erasing their rust, thereby chiseling them with the appropriate amalgamation of rectitude, righteousness and cognizance to reach unprecedented heights.
With a sanguine hope, I entreat the students to build up their own ethos and environment that is in alignment with core values, ethics and principles. 
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