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Educators Exchange Programme
Event Start Date : 02/09/2023 Event End Date 02/09/2023

Educator Exchange programme with Bulgaria was organised in the school. Ms Iliyana Dimitrova Zahareiva, founder of a non-profit association, yoga club SVARODAYA, with six delegates, Ms Hristina, Ms Mariya, Ms Stefania, Mr Redzhail, Mr Vladislav, Mr Emil visited the school.

It was a remarkable event that facilitated cultural sharing and understanding between our students and delegates from Bulgaria.  The exchange of teaching pedagogies encouraged cross cultural learning and provided educators with fresh perspectives on classroom teaching and learning.

The delegates enthralled the audience with their Sufi whirling dance which holds a spiritual significance in their culture. The fusion of cultural performances, along with the exchange of teaching pedagogies added depth and richness to the event, leaving a lasting impact on all the participants. Students appreciated the dance form as centric to diverse experiences of different cultures.

Sharing her thoughts, Mrs. Vinita Kapoor, Principal, emphasized that the event was a celebration of the rich tapestry of cultures. She stressed upon the value of mutual learning, noting that we not only shared our yoga expertise, we also received the gift of the mesmerizing Sufi whirling dance from our Bulgarian friends, establishing a special bond of ashk i.e. love, for fellow beings across borders and nationalities.   
The programme encouraged the students to embrace diversity and develop a global perspective.

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