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We intend to provide child-centered and child-led environment that recognizes and respects children’s inner curiosity and creativity. We provide safe and supportive environment to learn life skills and to take the physical, emotional, cognitive tasks that encourage their growth.Nursery classrooms are often the first experience a child has with formal education. We strive to provide children with the experiences and skills that stimulate positive learning.Our Nursery Curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the whole child and provide each child with an opportunity to unfold his innate talents.Creativity and artistic expressions are highly valued. Individual explorations and teamwork are equally emphasized .We believe that discipline must be approached in a positive manner emphasizing the appropriate and minimizing the inappropriate.

We hope that collective efforts of parents and teachers will have a positive influence on the development and in cultivation of good value system in the child.

(Supervisory Head - Nursery Wing)