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Shaheed Rajpal DAV Public School, Dayanand Vihar, Delhi organized a year long programme ‘Curious Me’. The programme focused on developing scientific temperament, rational and logical thinking amongst children. This was held in association with ‘PRAVAH’ an NGO which works dedicatedly to bring about positive social change by mobilizing youth.

The specially designed modules for students were designed to make pupils active learners as well as imbibe necessary life skills. The students indulged in self-analysis through the ‘Ice-berg’ model for competencies. The students also learnt to apply the concept of MADS (Mapping, Analysis, Diagnosis, Synthesis) to resolve any problem. They were also made to understand that ‘questioning’ is very necessary to reach solutions. In the ‘Unraveling stories’ sessions, students presented their interpretations of stories and which brought to the fore the different perspectives on the same story. Participants were also introduced to the valuable life- skills of ‘Curious Empathy’ and decision-making.

The trainers and facilitators from the ‘Pravah’ guided students for ‘Deep Diving’ monthly sessions wherein they reflected upon the concepts learned and also how they can be applied in real life situations.   Students worked collaboratively on an Action Project My Dream School. They worked in teams viz. ‘Canteen warriors’, ‘Anti-bullying Squad’, ‘Dream Clean Team’, ‘Sports Bugs’ and ‘Why not me’. Through various games and activities the students expressed their idea of school which was a better place for everyone.

A Gallery Walk to showcase the action projects was also organized at the ‘Curiasha’ –the culminating event held at Indirapuram Institute of Higher Studies.

The students also shared their learning with other students in the school by putting up an exhibition. The efforts of the students and teachers were lauded by Dr. N.K. Uberoi, Chairman of the school.

Two- day workshop was also conducted for the teachers which focused on introspection, time management and various ways through which a teacher relates to a student.

Mrs. Renu Laroiya, Principal of the school expressed her delight over the well- thought -out presentations made by the students and success of this pilot project. She also shared that such programmes will continue in future help in educating the young minds who can contribute meaningfully to the social progress of society.